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Best Virtual Corporate Events for Your Remote Team

In today’s digital era, virtual corporate events have become the lifeblood of thriving remote teams. These online events are more than just meetings. They are opportunities to foster engagement, build stronger bonds, boost morale, and add a touch of fun to your work-from-home routine.

Keep reading to explore a curated collection of the top virtual corporate events perfect for your remote team:

Succulent Virtual Event: Fun Virtual Experience from Succulent Bar

Succulent Bar’s virtual event stands out in the bustling landscape of interactive and engaging virtual corporate events. This unique virtual experience is meticulously crafted to weave together memorable moments and foster a sense of unity and camaraderie within your remote team.

Now, let’s delve deeper into what makes the Succulent Bar’s offering such a distinctive choice for your virtual team event:

  • Nationwide Succulent Kit Delivery: No matter where your team members are based –– whether it’s a single city or scattered across the country –– Succulent Bar ensures inclusivity. They offer nationwide shipping that delivers succulent kits straight to the office or your team member’s doorstep.
  • Customizable Participation Options: Succulent Bar’s virtual events –– terrarium workshop and classes –– permit both collective and individual participation. This means your team can gather together in one physical location or participate individually from the comfort of their homes, adding a level of adaptability that takes time to come by elsewhere.

However, the real charm of the Succulent Bar’s offering isn’t just in its versatility – it’s its dedication to personalization. They ensure every event is engaging and leaves a lasting impression on all participants, elevating it from a mere online gathering to a truly unforgettable virtual social event.

Team Building Virtual Corporate Events: Strengthening Remote Bonds

In a remote work environment, fostering unity and camaraderie among team members across different locations can be challenging. This is where team-building virtual corporate events come into play.

These fun virtual event activities bring the following benefits to your remote team:

  • Enhanced communication
  • Increased collaboration
  • Improved relationships
  • Boosted morale
  • Developed problem-solving skills
  • Greater productivity

To ensure the success of any
team building occasion, choose activities that align with your team’s interests, promote open communication, and foster a safe and inclusive environment.

1. Virtual Team Building Workshops

Virtual team workshops serve as a cornerstone of continuous learning and collaboration in an online setting. 

These engaging virtual events cover a broad spectrum of activities, including:

  • Skills Development Sessions: These could be tailored to the team’s needs, focusing on areas that can enhance their productivity or job-specific skills.
  • Introducing and Mastering New Digital Tools: Workshops could be used to introduce new software, applications, or digital tools that your team needs to familiarize themselves with. Interactive sessions can help your team members become comfortable and efficient with these tools, improving overall team performance.
  • Creative Outlets: These could involve painting classes, cooking sessions, or even music lessons. Such events offer a break from routine and provide a platform for team members to showcase their talents and learn from each other.


Virtual team workshops offer a perfect blend of education and fun, creating a conducive atmosphere for knowledge exchange, skill improvement, and team bonding.

2. Virtual Fitness Challenges

Virtual fitness challenges are a unique and fun way to encourage health and wellness within remote teams. The benefits of these engaging virtual event activities span several areas:

  • Variety of Activities: Ranging from relaxing yoga sessions to intense workout challenges, there’s something for everyone’s comfort and fitness level.
  • Promotion of Physical Health: These challenges encourage team members to prioritize their physical well-being.
  • Fosters Friendly Competition: By tracking and comparing progress, a friendly sense of competition is created among team members.
  • Builds a Positive and Energetic Culture: Regular participation in these challenges can foster a vibrant and energetic team culture.
  • Boosts Productivity: Improved physical health often translates into higher energy levels and increased productivity among team members.


3. Remote Project Hackathons

Remote project hackathons focus on brainstorming and implementing innovative solutions to problems or projects. 

Over a designated period, teams strive to deliver a working prototype or solution, fostering creativity, teamwork, and practical problem-solving skills. 

These hackathons can be an engaging virtual event idea, incubating innovative ideas and approaches that can contribute to your company’s growth and success.

Creative Virtual Corporate Event Ideas: A Spark for Innovation

Whether planning a virtual holiday party or conducting a charity drive, virtual corporate events can be the perfect medium to spread festive cheer and express appreciation for your team’s hard work. 

The following are popular innovative corporate virtual holiday event ideas to consider:

1. Virtual Holiday Party

Virtual holiday parties provide the joy and camaraderie of a traditional office party with the convenience of an online platform. These fun virtual corporate events can be customized to any Holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Halloween:

  • Interactive Games: Spice up the event with engaging virtual games that bring out the competitive spirit in your team members while promoting bonding.
  • Music and Dance: Incorporate music and dance-offs or hire a virtual DJ to bring the holiday spirit alive.
  • Virtual Toast: Share a virtual toast to celebrate achievements and foster a sense of unity among the team.


2. Online Secret Santa

Online Secret Santa is a unique virtual event idea that brings the joy of gift-giving to the virtual space. This activity not only adds an element of surprise and fun to the party but also promotes the following:

  • Team Bonding: The anticipation and joy of gift-giving and receiving can help foster stronger relationships among team members.
  • Understanding Colleagues: Selecting a gift encourages team members to know their colleagues better.


3. Holiday-Themed Workshops

Holiday-themed events range from virtual cooking classes to DIY decoration sessions. These workshops offer unique benefits:

  • Boost Creativity: Engaging in creative activities like cooking or crafting can stimulate innovative thinking among team members.
  • Promote Teamwork: Collaborative projects in these workshops can enhance team unity and cooperation.


4. Charity Drive

Charity drives during virtual corporate events promote the spirit of giving during the holiday season, offering several benefits:

  • Encourage Generosity: Initiating a charity drive encourages team members to contribute to a cause they believe in.
  • Promote Team Values: Such activities resonate with the team’s values and help build a compassionate corporate culture.
  • Impact: The collective contribution of the team can make a significant impact on the chosen cause.


Virtual Corporate Event Games: Fun Meets Productivity

Games have become an integral part of virtual corporate events. They breathe life into meetings, stimulate engagement, and promote a positive and enjoyable work culture. 

These are examples of remote games that’ll surely break the ice, encourage participation, and make your virtual gatherings more interactive and fun:

1. Virtual Escape Rooms

Online escape rooms are a virtual twist on a popular team-building activity. They challenge team members to collaborate, communicate effectively, and solve intricate puzzles and mysteries to ‘escape’ a virtual space. 

In addition to providing a fun and competitive twist to virtual corporate events, virtual escape rooms also bring these benefits to your remote co-workers: 

  • Stimulate Critical Thinking: The challenges and puzzles in escape rooms can prompt team members to think critically and strategically.
  • Enhance Problem-Solving Abilities: To ‘escape,’ team members must solve problems, effectively enhancing their problem-solving skills.
  • Foster Unity: The collaborative nature of these simulations encourages team members to work closely together, fostering unity and teamwork.


2. Online Quizzes or Trivia Nights

Online quizzes or trivia nights are about more than just testing your team’s knowledge on various topics. They also offer several other benefits:

  • Learn About Each Other: These events can include personalized questions that help team members learn more about each other.
  • Foster Healthy Competition: The scoring system promotes a friendly, competitive spirit among team members.
  • Engage and Entertain: They provide a fun, engaging way to break the monotony of work.


3. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Virtual scavenger hunts take the excitement of the traditional game into the online event space. Participants race against time to find items in their surroundings based on clues given. Here’s why this can be an excellent idea for your next virtual corporate event:

  • Promote Teamwork: Participants must work together to solve clues, which promotes teamwork and collaboration.
  • Encourage Creativity: The open-ended nature of clues often encourages creative problem-solving.
  • Fun and Interactive: The competitive element and the joy of discovery make these events fun and interactive.


Other Remarkable and Fun Virtual Event Ideas

1. Virtual Team-Building Exercises

Team-building activities, particularly exercises, are instrumental in bridging the gap between remote workers scattered across various locations. Here’s what makes these virtual exercises stand out:

  • Promote Collaboration: These exercises range from simple ice-breakers to complex collaboration challenges, promoting teamwork and unity among team members.
  • Strengthen Problem-Solving Skills: The tasks often require team members to work together to find solutions, strengthening their problem-solving abilities.
  • Foster Better Communication: By encouraging frequent interaction, these exercises can significantly improve communication among team members.


2. Online Workshops and Webinars

Online workshops and webinars are a resource for skills development and continuous learning in the virtual workspace. Here’s why they’re beneficial:

  • Wide Range of Topics: These sessions can cover industry-specific knowledge, soft skills development, or personal growth subjects.
  • Skills Development: They equip team members with new skills and knowledge, contributing to their professional growth.
  • Promote a Culture of Learning: Regularly hosting these sessions fosters continuous learning and growth within the organization.


3. Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual Happy Hours are the digital alternatives to in-person events to foster a more relaxed and casual environment. 

Casual and fun, these events are about unwinding, engaging in light-hearted conversations, and building personal connections within the team. 

In addition to enabling you and your team to socialize and foster stronger relationships outside of the traditional work context, these are some reasons why online happy hours make a fantastic addition to your virtual corporate events:

  • Promote Social Interaction: They provide a platform for team members to interact and bond in an informal, relaxed environment.
  • Build Stronger Connections: By encouraging casual and light-hearted conversations, these events help build stronger personal connections among remote workers.
  • Fun and Engaging: The digital twist on the traditional happy hour makes it a fun, engaging activity for remote teams.


Connect, Engage, and Inspire Your Team with A Virtual Corporate Activity Today

Remember, successful virtual corporate events are more than just about your activities. It’s about bringing your team closer, sparking creativity, encouraging communication, and creating a more connected and productive team. 

Lastly, if you want to make any occasion memorable and unique, whether in-person or virtual, Start planning your virtual event today!

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