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Discover all the tricks and tips for creating a stunning succulent terrarium with our
virtual succulent terrarium workshop!

Are you ready to create your unique mini plant environment, ideal for livening up your home
or office? Then, join our virtual terrarium workshop to get everything you need beautifully packaged and delivered straight to your door!

Whether you’re looking for a fun new hobby this year, or you want to find more creative ways to connect with your friends and colleagues, this will be an experience you won’t forget!


Stop planning the same company activity year after year! Instead, this time around, make your event a fantastic opportunity for everyone to destress and rest their minds as they keep their hands busy making masterpieces with their terrarium kits.

Our terrarium virtual workshops are most well-known for Team Building Activities, Corporate Celebrations, and Client Appreciation Events.

team building activities

Team building events help boost employees’ confidence, goodwill, and morale. The events also give employees a unique chance to spend time with colleagues on a non-work-related activity. So, how do you make your next
team-building activity ‘excitingly different’?
A terrarium virtual team building workshop
is your way to go!

Virtual events like terrarium workshops are the newest trend in team-building events. These beautiful, eco-friendly crafts are fun, easy to make, and a perfect gift for all occasions. If you want everyone on your team to have a fun and exciting virtual experience together, Succulent Bar can seamlessly organize a virtual terrarium workshop exclusively for your team!

corporate celebrations

Wouldn’t it be a massive surprise for all your work colleagues if you all received a terrarium planting kit at your door on the day of your company’s anniversary?

Our virtual terrarium class at Succulent Bar is a unique way to spice up virtual corporate events, including project launch celebrations, new product training, department celebrations, fundraising activities, retirement parties, and employee recognition events.

client appreciation events

Appreciating your customers and business partners doesn’t always have to include a printed or handwritten ‘thank you note.’ Sometimes, all it takes is a carefully planned virtual succulent planting client appreciation event that our team here at the Succulent Bar will personally organize.

Throwing an enjoyable, stress-free, one-of-a-kind client event, such as a virtual plant workshop, shows your clients how awesome you are!


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how our terrarium virtual workshop works

Get your friends together for a succulent time! In our virtual terrarium class, you’ll get your hands dirty while learning how to design with and care for succulent plants. Plan out your next corporate gathering, team-building activity, or client appreciation event with these three simple steps:


Choose your terrarium design and extra embellishments



We deliver the packages to a single location for all guests to participate together, or they can be delivered to individual addresses for everyone to participate virtually.



You can host your virtual event privately or with the help and support of our Succulent Specialist via Zoom.

virtual event experience
YouTube video

what to expect in our
virtual terrarium class

Terrariums have unique gardening and interior design benefits, making them an excellent addition to any home. Terrariums look fantastic in any setting, help reduce stress, are easy to look after, and can keep your plants alive all year round.

During our all-inclusive terrarium workshops, participants will get their hands dirty creating a beautiful terrarium using a curated selection of high-quality materials such as moss, rocks, live succulent plants, and more!

Our knowledgeable Succulent Bar host will teach your team the processes of building a terrarium, providing you with tips and insights on how to care for the plants to ensure they thrive.

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virtual terrarium workshop
planting kit options

what's included in our
terrarium planting kit?

  • A glass terrarium
  • Succulent plants of different varieties
  • Potting soil for succulents and cacti
  • Decorative rocks
  • Seasonal Embellishments
  • A paper planting tray
  • Planting tool set
  • Plant picks & more!

All wrapped up nicely in a mailer box and sent directly to your recipient.

Feel free to contact us through our contact page to learn more about bookings and reservations, and one of our helpful Succulent Bar staff will get back to you within two business days.

Virtual terrariums not exactly what you had in mind? Check out our Virtual Succulent Class options here!

ways to incorporate your brand

YOUR Brand is important to us, which is why we have so many options available to incorporate your company into our experience. We understand that we are a representation of your company when we partner together, and our planting kits are always packaged with that in mind!

  • Branded Wood or Acrylic Plant Pick
  • Branded Unpacking Instructions
  • Branded Box Sticker
  • Personalized Greeting Card from Host
  • And more!

seasonal options

Ask us about our Seasonal Embellishment Bags! These are a great add-on option for your planting kits if you are wanting to incorporate something above and beyond the basic creation of your succulent arrangements. They include seasonal specific decorations such as colored mosses, assorted decorative stones, plant pick, lava rocks, dried mushrooms, driftwood, ornaments, and more that can all be added to your arrangement.

want more?

Add-on items from our Marketplace include candies, bath products, notepads, candles and more! Contact a Succulent Bar Specialist via the form below and we will walk you through the process of creating your custom planting kits that your guests are guaranteed to love! Click through the gallery to see just a few of our custom add-on options and let those creative juices flow!

Host Your Own Virtual Succulent Terrarium Workshop With Succulent Bar!

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It’s time to get creative and explore your garden-making skills with Succulent Bar’s virtual terrarium class. Our workshop is also an excellent option for those looking to add a bit of interactive fun to their event or for remote workers to stay motivated and in touch.

Join us for a live virtual plant workshop to create a unique succulent terrarium – in the comfort of your own space!

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