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If you share our obsession with stylish events and intentional gifting, we’ll be fast friends! At Succulent Bar, we serve our customers with all things parties and plants including thoughtful and on-trend succulent gift boxes, in person and virtual planting experiences, and custom succulent favors and arrangements.


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succulent events

These special events combine our two favorite things: plants and parties!

dried floral events

Think Succulent Bar events... except with preserved dried floral (yeah, we know!). 

gift boxes

Our line of curated gift box items, perfect for all of life’s celebrations.


Put your best foot forward with a living work of art, custom-made centerpiece. 

we know it's going to be a memorable experience

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the succulent bar team is extremely responsive and

you won't be disappointed!

the attention to detail put into these boxes makes them so unique.

all executed to perfection

product packaging, zoom invite set-up, and zoom video/audio were


our events and gifts

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