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Dimly lit space accented with soft colors, walls and ceilings adorned with lush green plants hanging on baskets, and floral succulent centerpieces placed on banquet tables – these are some of the most exquisite succulent party decorations you wouldn’t want to miss out on experiencing. While the most common decorations for parties are balloons, streamers, […]

table of succulent party decorations

22 Must-Have Succulent Party Decorations for 2022

With their ethereal beauty, striking forms, and eye-catching colors, succulents have become popular additions to cocktail tables, desks, and windowsills. However, part of the satisfaction of growing succulent plants comes from their modest requirements.  But while succulents are resilient plants that can endure conditions other plants cannot, they have one peculiar need: the perfect balance […]

Do Succulents Need Sun?

Succulents are trendy and stylish plants to have around your home or workspace but they can be tricky to keep alive! We are here to help you keep your planted bundles of joy healthy and thriving. In this blog post, you will learn how to water your succulents properly, where to keep them, and how […]

Caring for Your Succulents