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How to Plan A Succulent Party: Occasions, Activities, and Decor!

If you were to host a succulent party, wouldn’t you like to do things differently? After all, what people remember most about a great party is its unique experience.

Upend your party formula, and give it a little twist this time with something beautiful and eco-friendly – something you can only achieve by throwing a succulent party!

Keep reading for succulent party tips, activities, decor, and favor ideas!

What is a Succulent Party?

woman holding succulent in lavender pot picking decorations at succulent party

Now that it’s your turn to host, you need an excellent idea for a party. But board games and charades are passé, outdoor games are too physical, and movie night is becoming boring. So, what is your best option? A succulent-themed party!

Hosting a succulent planting party is a great way to get together with friends and create a memento of your time together. Succulents are popular among people of all ages because of their beauty and diversity and because they’re relatively easy to cultivate indoors or outdoors. They can also be purchased in bulk at a great price.

These lovely plants make for cute succulent party favors and incredible party decorations and can be used as a backdrop for all events—that is why succulent party supplies are a growing market right now.

Types of Occasions Perfect for Hosting a Succulent Party

Succulent plants look great as centerpieces, party favors, or wedding accessories, and people who don’t want to deal with short-lived flowers absolutely love them. So, ever wonder on what kind of occasion you can throw a succulent party? Here’s our list of the best reasons to host a succulent-themed party.

Birthday Parties 

If you’re looking for a refreshing party theme with a light and airy feel and a breath of fresh desert air, then just see how a succulent birthday party will make all your expectations come true. With  succulent party decorations, your celebration is sure to be top notch!

Graduation Parties

Graduations are an important milestone, whether from middle school, high school, or college. This is why you deserve all the fanfare to celebrate your achievements. To make sure you celebrate in style, greet your loved ones with unique succulent party decor, complete with a beautiful succulent wreath centerpiece.


Vow Renewals, Weddings, and Anniversarie

Whether as a table centerpiece, the groom’s corsage, or as a make-and-take party favor, succulents can make a memorable statement on the wedding day and still be alive the next day — and for years to come. Couples can keep the succulent as a lasting reminder of their love and the vows they’ve both promised to keep. 

Bridal Showers, Bachelorette, and Engagement Parties

Like a wedding, an engagement party or bridal shower can be tailored to your style and budget, and it can be as formal or casual as you want it to be. Whether you hold it at a country club, a restaurant, or backyard, you can never go wrong incorporating succulents into your event.  

Baby Showers and Gender Reveals

Make your mom, dad and family friends feel like they’re in the beautiful state of Texas while celebrating one lucky baby’s arrival with a succulent-themed baby shower or gender reveal! Bring out those fresh succulents wrapped in decorative fabric for a cute and portable favor your guests will love.

Corporate Events

succulent bar sign and display at succulent themed corporate event in Houston Texas


Birthdays and weddings aren’t the only celebrations succulents are perfect for! Even for large corporate events such as award ceremonies, team-building activities, product launches, holiday parties, or seminars, you can use succulents gorgeously and flexibly to complement the set up of your event. 

Some great varieties of succulents to include at any corporate event include string of pearls, sedum, agave, echeveria, kalanchoe, and burros tail. Incorporate them into your event décor by setting them up as a backdrop, lining the aisle, as centerpieces, or as event giveaways. 

How to Plan a Succulent Party

succulent party tablescape with mirrors gems mutliple colors of jewels used for decorating potting experience

Cactus and succulent parties are popping up all over the place, and it’s exciting to see how you can decorate with them in so many creative ways. With their vibrant colors and eye-catching textures, a succulent planting party is versatile enough for all occasions, from formal corporate events to an elegant baby shower or wedding reception.

Whether your guests are your college friends, best friends, family members, or officemates, they’ll enjoy getting creative, experiencing nature first-hand, getting dirty, and above all, making something they can take home and keep.

So for your next party idea, here’s how to throw a succulent party!

1. Prepare your succulent party invitations.

First on the list is to send succulent invitation cards to your guests. Whether you like something simple or bold and beautiful, there’s an invitation style that will fit what you’re looking for. You can download a succulent invitation templates that you can customize with your party design and details to print on your own for a fun and simple DIY project.

2. Choose a color palette. 

Some party themes immediately make you think of specific color palettes, and you may think that’s true for succulent parties, too. But when it comes to choosing your color palette, your choices are just as fun and varied as the colors of natural succulent plants. Go with a soft and muted succulent color palette for a simple color palette that adds color, texture, and visual interest. Or, if you want to make a statement, use bright and bold color palettes. Don’t forget to include your colors in a creative succulent party sign.

3. Plan a succulent activity.

Play in the dirt and get crafty by creating a Succulent Terrarium garden with a fun and therapeutic virtual terrarium workshop class. Whether you are new to gardening, have a busy lifestyle, or are simply captivated by the exquisiteness of succulent varieties, you and your guests will have a great time participating in a virtual succulent class.

4. Get creative with setting up your venue.

Use low tables and cushions for seating if that fits your plan.Dress your table with a tablecloth and try mixing different textures and patterns for added interest. Disposable tablecloths may be a good option because they make cleanup easier at the end of the party.

5. Don’t forget about the sweet greens!

Your succulent party wouldn’t be complete if your guest could not enjoy some mouth-watering succulent desserts. You can decorate your cupcakes with buttercream cactus and succulents or top your cake with crushed graham crackers and add succulents to create a sandy desert vibe.

6. Place a creative potting station.

Prepare a potting station with simple terracotta pots, potting mix for succulents, decorative sand or gravel, and a selection of succulent plants. Guests can use a scoop to put the potting mix in their pots, add the plant, and then fill the top with decorative sand. other details

Succulent Themed Party Decor

photo wall with green hedge background colorful balloons at succulent party

Whether you want to decorate for your wedding, refresh the ambiance of your home, or find new photography inspiration, succulents are a great place to start! Like the plants themselves, succulent party decorations include a variety of green shades with pops of color. 

Here are some creative ways to incorporate that style into your succulent party decors:

Geometric-shaped Succulent Hooped Wreaths

A beautiful hoop wreath with artificial succulent plants and eucalyptus leaves would instantly glam up any room or special event. You can hang this on the wall with a metal ring and even add starry string lights to the wreath at night to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Succulent Table Centerpieces

One of the best things about succulents is that they provide the texture needed for a stunning centerpiece. They’re also low and small enough that they won’t block your guests from seeing the person on the other side of the table.

Helium Party Cactus Balloons

Every celebration needs party balloons. Balloons are probably one of the first decorations that come to mind when planning a party. So, for your succulent-themed party, you can frame your backdrop with a cactus balloon or a mix of greens, gold, and white. You can also combine it with ombré pink latex balloons to create fun arrangements to decorate the venue.

Don’t Forget the Succulent Party Favors!

succulent party favors displayed on a table with pink tablecloth

Make your party favors a little greener and more eye-catching with succulent party favors! Succulents make a perfect party favor because it is a simple and elegant decoration that looks great on desks, shelves, and side tables. Your guests can keep these mementos for a long time, which is a meaningful way to keep those memories alive.

Suppose you’re looking for the perfect little, cute succulents to add to your collection or to give away as wedding favors or party favors. In that case, Succulent Bar is your go-to resource for succulent party activities.

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