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18 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day at Work

Hello there! I’m thrilled to share with you how to celebrate International Women’s Day at work in heartwarming and innovative ways — right where empowerment blooms!

International Women’s Day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s a global embrace of women’s achievements and a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

We’re all about growth, not just for our succulents!  The personal and professional growth of the amazing women who make our world a vibrant place is key to the growth we want to see all around us. We take pride in nurturing a workplace that celebrates women’s unique strengths and contributions every day, and International Women’s Day is a special opportunity for us to go all out!


Why Celebrate International Women’s Day in the Workplace?

When we take time to recognize the incredible accomplishments of women, we’re not just honoring individual achievements; we’re acknowledging the vital role women play across all facets of life, including in our professional spheres.

The workplace shapes society’s views on equality and inclusivity. Gender equality in the workplace is a cornerstone for thriving businesses. It encourages diverse perspectives, drives creativity, and pushes us all towards excellence. When we lift up women, we elevate our work environment and cultivate a culture where everyone, regardless of gender, can succeed.

Celebrating International Women’s Day fosters a culture of appreciation and respect, creating a ripple effect that encourages ongoing support for gender balance. This celebration can transform the very ethos of our work environment, making it a nurturing space for everyone to grow and flourish. So, let’s plant the seeds of celebration and watch a more equitable workplace culture bloom!


In-Person Celebrations

1 – Women’s Achievement Gallery: Display achievements of female employees. This acknowledges their contributions, inspiring others and reinforcing gender equality. Set it up with photos, stories, and interactive elements to engage all employees.

2- Succulent Planting Activity: A workshop on planting succulents, symbolizing growth and resilience. This activity promotes well-being and reflects the nurturing aspect of women at work.

3 – Interactive Career Workshops: Host skill-building workshops led by successful women. This empowers female employees by providing them with tools for professional growth and showcasing role models.

4 – Extended Coffee Break(outs): Set aside an hour in the morning or afternoon for intentional discussion. Set up tables and label each one with a question. Then, as employees are sipping their coffee, have them ask these questions to one another; this can foster a sense of understanding of women’s experiences in that specific workplace.

5 – Creative Arts Exhibition: Showcase arts and crafts by female employees, emphasizing creativity often overlooked in the corporate world and celebrating women’s artistic talents.

6 – Inspirational Speaker Series: Feature female leaders sharing their journeys, offering inspiration and practical advice for everyone in the company. This highlights the successes of women in the workplace, motivating others — men and women alike — to pursue their ambitions.


Virtual Celebrations

7 – Virtual Terrarium Building Workshop: Send kits and host an online session for building terrariums. It fosters a sense of community among remote employees and celebrates their ability to nurture and grow, even from afar.

8 – Global Virtual Panel Discussion: A video conference with women leaders globally. It emphasizes the importance of global perspectives on gender equality and empowers participants with diverse insights.

9 – Interactive Online Art Gallery: “Visit” a digital exhibition of women’s art, promoting recognition of female artists, providing a platform for women’s unique perspectives and expressions, and opening up discussions that can make a difference for gender equality in the workplace.

10 – Webinar on Women’s History: Educate about women’s rights history, enhancing understanding of the struggle for equality and the importance of continuing this fight.

11 – Online Recognition Board: Create a digital space for appreciating female colleagues, reinforcing the value of their contributions while fostering a supportive community.

12 – Virtual Book Club: Focus on books by female authors in your company’s niche, encouraging exploration and discussion of women’s narratives and experiences.


Hybrid Celebrations

13 – Hybrid Activities and Workshops: Combine in-person and online formats for workshops, ensuring inclusivity and equal learning opportunities for all employees.

14 – Social Media Photo Challenge: Pair up with coworkers to take some photos around the workplace that highlight the role and importance of women at work. Then, share them with a company-wide hashtag and check out all the posts from coworkers. Use these as a jumping-off point for further discussions.

15 – Hybrid Movie Screening: Screen a film about women’s empowerment, accessible in-office and online, followed by discussions that highlight the issues and achievements relevant to women’s work experiences.

16 – Reflections and Aspirations Workshop: Participants share past experiences and future goals, promoting self-awareness and ambition among women, which is crucial for personal and professional growth. Then, in an online forum, they post their reflections and respond to others.

17 – Staff Appreciation Post: A post recognizing female employees, publicly acknowledging their hard work and dedication, enhancing their visibility and esteem.

18 – Yoga and Mindfulness Session: With the other women in your workplace, join an online yoga class. Focus on balance and inner strength to foster a sense of community and support.


Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Celebrating International Women’s Day extends beyond your organization: it’s about supporting women in every field. Women-owned businesses embody women’s entrepreneurial spirit and are a testament to their resilience in overcoming societal and economic barriers.

When we actively choose to buy from women-led companies, we are endorsing diversity and inclusivity in the marketplace and contributing to a shift towards greater gender parity in the business world. This can go a long way in dismantling the traditional hurdles female entrepreneurs face, such as limited access to capital, networking opportunities, and mentorship.

At Succulent Bar, we’re keenly aware of the challenges and triumphs of women entrepreneurs. Our e-commerce platform is not merely a showcase of our own products but a celebration of the diverse and rich offerings from other women-led businesses. Each product, be it artisan crafts, wellness products, or bespoke services, carries a narrative of empowerment, dedication, and the entrepreneurial journey.

But supporting women-owned businesses isn’t just about buying products; it’s about creating a supportive ecosystem. This includes mentoring upcoming women entrepreneurs, sharing resources and knowledge, and building networks that help amplify women’s voices in the business community. At Succulent Bar, we actively engage in community events, collaborations, and workshops that aim to uplift and empower female business owners. We believe in creating a space where experiences are shared, challenges are discussed openly, and successes are celebrated collectively.

We always strive for a more equitable business environment where women’s contributions are recognized and valued. It’s a commitment that aligns with the core values of International Women’s Day: championing gender equality, celebrating women’s achievements, and taking action for equality.


Bonus: Taking the Celebration Outside the Workplace

International Women’s Day is a global affair, and the celebrations extend far beyond our personal and professional circles. In communities everywhere, events and activities are held to honor this special day. Participating in these external events is a fantastic way to connect with the broader narrative of women’s rights and achievements. Here are some activities to look out for in your community:

📢 Local Workshops and Talks

Engage with the community by attending local workshops and talks focusing on women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements in your community. These events deepen your understanding of women’s rights and history.

A tip for success: Look for events hosted by women’s groups or educational institutions for unique and insightful perspectives.

🚶‍♀️Participation in Marches

Joining local marches or rallies is a powerful way to demonstrate solidarity with women worldwide. This activity directly supports the essence of International Women’s Day, which is to raise awareness about gender equality issues. To make your participation impactful, wear purple, the official color of International Women’s Day, and unite with others in the cause.

🎉 Cultural Events and Celebrations

Explore cultural festivals that celebrate the achievements and contributions of women. These events beautifully highlight the diversity and richness of women’s roles across different cultures, aligning with the global theme of International Women’s Day. Participate actively and immerse yourself in the celebrated customs and traditions to experience their significance fully.

💕 Charity Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved in charity events or volunteer for organizations that support women’s causes. This directly contributes to improving the lives of women and girls, reflecting the core message of International Women’s Day. Choose a cause that resonates with you and the women in your organization, and consider long-term volunteering for a lasting impact.


Celebrate All The Women In Your Workplace

It’s important to remember that the essence of International Women’s Day extends far beyond 24 hours. It’s a reminder of the journey women have embarked upon throughout history, the strides we’ve made, and the road still ahead of us.

This year, let’s renew our commitment to supporting and uplifting women every day, in every way we can — and what better way to do so than with Succulent Bar?

Whether you wish to celebrate International Women’s Day at work with a virtual workshop or a beautiful succulent arrangement, contact us today!

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