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Happy Birthday Succulents: Gift Ideas For Succulent Lovers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the succulent enthusiast in your life? Look no further for happy birthday succulents that they will love! 

Succulents are unique plants that can add a touch of personality to any room. They’re also low-maintenance and require minimal care, making them an ideal present for any occasion. 

So, whether you’re shopping for your partner or your close friend, these succulent birthday gift ideas will surely brighten up their day and put a smile on their face.

Read on to discover our top three succulent gift resources so you can find the perfect one for your special someone!

Before purchasing the ideal succulent gift for someone’s birthday, consider these important factors to make your happy birthday present even more memorable. When choosing a special succulent for someone’s big day, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Color: Succulents come in a variety of colors –– from pastel shades to bright oranges and pinks. Hence, look for one that matches the recipient’s style or reflects the occasion.
  • Size: Consider the size of the recipient’s home or garden when picking out a succulent. Smaller plants are perfect for apartments and smaller spaces, while larger ones can make a statement in outdoor areas.
  • Care Instructions: Make sure to include care instructions with your gift! Include detailed steps to water and care for their succulent so they can enjoy it for years.
  • Durability: Opt for succulents that are easy to maintain, like cacti or jade plants. You can also look for succulents in containers so the recipient can conveniently move them around their house or garden.
  • Availability: Some rare and exotic varieties may be hard to find or have limited availability. So, plan ahead by checking if the succulent you are looking for is conveniently available on Etsy, Amazon, or other online or physical stores.

Now let’s explore some of the best happy birthday succulent gift ideas!

Our Top Succulent Gift Ideas for Birthdays

1. Succulent Bar Store

Now that you know the essential factors to consider when purchasing a happy birthday succulent gift, let’s take a look at our top three succulent birthday gifts:

succulent bar logo

Succulent Bar’s happy birthday succulent collection is a great way to make anyone’s birthday even more special. This succulent gift box is the perfect way to surprise your special someone, as it allows you to pick from various succulents and pair them with unique pots and accessories. 

Plus, the gift box comes with detailed care instructions so they can keep their happy birthday succulent looking its best.

Here’s a detailed look at what this great gift box contains:

  • 2″ Painted Terra Cotta Pot: Bring a bit of nature indoors with this striking, hand-painted terra cotta pot. Measuring just 2″, it is the perfect size to adorn any shelf or windowsill!
  • 2.5″ Succulent and a DIY Planting Kit: Enclosed in this gift box is a succulent that requires you to do the planting. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy-to-follow instruction guide for your convenience so you can cultivate it quickly and without fuss.

  • Laser-etched Wooden Greeting Card: With this wooden greeting card, you’ll be sure to have them thinking of you constantly! Not only will these mementos bring joy in the present, but they can also stay proudly displayed for years down the line.
  • Personalized Greeting Card: Choose from cards with numbers ranging from 1-31 on the listing page. 

After selecting a card, head to the shopping cart and fill in the “Order Special Instructions” section with an endearing message unique to your special someone!

  • Optional: Make your gift box special by adding goodies, such as luxurious bath products, scented candles, delicious treats, and captivating art prints. Just click “Shop by Product” in Succulent Bar’s marketplace. 

Finally, add your chosen items to your cart before checkout.

Our Favorite Happy Birthday Succulents from Succulent Bar Store

Care Tips

Open your package as quickly as possible to ensure that your plant is adequately hydrated and receives the right amount of sunlight.

About Succulent Bar

Succulent Bar offers plenty of
succulent-inspired gifts to make the perfect surprise for your special someone. 

Additionally, their laser-etched wood cards feature zodiac gifts, meaningful phrases, and even succulent gift boxes that are sure to surprise those celebrating their birthdays from ages 21 up to 60+. 

Moreover, they offer in-person planting workshops and virtual ones, along with custom gift boxes for any special occasion. 

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2. Lula’s Garden

Lula’s Garden has the perfect present for any special occasion, like a birthday! Their lush succulents come in an elegant gift box that doubles as a planter. Naturally, the collection and size will vary depending on availability. Nevertheless, every package is presented in an attractive planter wrapped with a decorative sleeve sporting a “Happy Birthday” message. 

As if this weren’t enough, each box also contains a plastic dropper for easy watering, making it the perfect gift to help spread joy wherever it goes!

Source: 1800flowers

Lula’s Garden offers three different sizes of gift boxes to suit your needs:

  • Small: 4 “H succulent plant in a square box measuring 5” D x 4 “H.
  • Small Ray: Comes with two 2.5″ plants; square box measures 4 “H x 5” D.
  • Medium: Contains a rectangular box measuring 8.5 “W and 3.5 “H, a perfect fit for three 2.5” plants.
  • Large: This rustic, 11 “W x 4.5 “H rectangular box makes for the perfect home to three 4 “H succulent plants.

Our Top Picks from Lula’s Garden

Care Tips

Don’t forget to water your succulents when the soil is dry, and make sure they can enjoy plenty of indirect sunlight –– add some water at the roots. Additionally, give them a holiday-themed sleeve as an extra festive touch!

About Lula’s Garden

Source: 1800flowers

Lula’s Garden is the perfect place to find chic, environmentally friendly gifts. Their succulents and plants come from local sources, each hand-selected and planted with care. They arrive in a luxurious box designed for maximum enjoyment and longevity! 

Check out Lula’s Garden right now for more birthday succulent selections.

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3. Olive & Cocoa

Make someone’s birthday extra special with Olive & Cocoa’s vibrant and lush birthday succulent garden! Their expertly crafted wood trough features an assortment of hardy, easy-to-care-for miniature succulents. 

Source: Olive&Cocoa

The wooden planter is branded with “Happy Birthday,” adding a personal touch to this unique gift. With its 8″ x 5″ x 6″ size, you can rest assured that they will receive their present on time as 2nd-day shipping is required.

Other Succulents from Olive & Cocoa

Care Tips

Succulents are naturally resilient and require no more than an ounce of water per month. Before watering, always check the soil’s moisture level; if it feels damp to the touch, hold off on watering until the ground is parched. 

When that happens, fill a sink with water and submerge your succulent for one full ounce before bringing them back indoors.

About Olive & Cocoa

Source: Olive&Cocoa

Olive & Cocoa is incredibly passionate about providing an unforgettable gifting experience. They strive to make each client interaction reflect this passion for thoughtful giving. 

With highly-trained customer service staff dedicated to achieving your satisfaction, you can rest assured that ordering from us will be quick, convenient, and truly enjoyable!

Customer Reviews

Final Words

Why settle for a dull birthday gift when you can send something unique and special to your loved ones? 

Our Succulent Bar Store has a beautiful selection of succulents perfect for birthday gifts in various sizes, colors, and shapes to suit anyone’s taste. 

Plus, we include care instructions and helpful tips so you can be sure your gift will last long after the birthday is over, making your gift memorable and unique!

Are you planning a succulent-theme party? We also have a detailed guide to creating a successful succulent birthday party!

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