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How to Style Your Table

Where to Find Inspiration

The first place to look for inspiration for your tablescape is the Succulent Bar blog! Here you’ll find past events we have styled for various occasions and spaces.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the blog try searching terms like styled table event, styled favor table, succulent event, or event inspiration on Pinterest. For a more custom search add terms describing your event style such as boho, romantic, whimsical, rustic, and more. Another great source of inspiration are the hashtags #tablescape, #eventstyling, or #eventdesign on Instagram.

Choose A Theme

Choosing a theme for your table will help you seamless tie in your succulent bar with the rest of your event. Your theme can be as simple as choosing a few colors and textures to run with or by choosing a more specific theme as mentioned above. A few things to consider when choosing your theme is the reason for the event, the season your event is thrown during, the setting of your event (what does the event space look like) and colors and themes that are running throughout the decor for the rest of your event.

When you choose the details of your succulent bar package you will be able to match your containers, colored rocks, and other additional customizations to the rest of your theme. After choosing your package you can then build your table up around the look of your succulents.

Dress Your Table

Dressing your table with a tablecloth and runner can add a lot of texture and excitement to your table. This is a great way to add a pop of color and tie in your theme with the table. Try mixing different textures and patterns for added interest.  If you are not able to rent a speciality linen for your event, try places like Hobby Lobby, Joann’s or Walmart for fabric by the yard purchases.  This is a great, affordable way to dress up your table.  I typically purchase approximately 3 yards of fabric for a standard 8’ rectangular banquet table.

Add a Backdrop

Create your own backdrop or rent a backdrop from an event styling company for an extra wow factor. Backdrops can help your table stand out and attract more guests as well as create an photographable area for your guests. Backdrops can be as elaborate or simple as you can imagine. Some fun elements to add to backdrops include wood, fresh flowers, dried flowers, balloon arches, banners, acrylic signs, neon signs, wooden signs, piping, lights and more!

Create Balance and Dimension

Creating balance and dimension throughout your table makes the overall look more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Try adding items with different heights across your table to both fill it out and add decor. Some examples of these are plant stands, faux plants, flowers in vases, candles, candle stick holders, trays, books, seasonal decor, and decorative containers. Remember to mix and match textures with these various decor items as well to draw interest to the table.

Still in need or design tips and tricks? DM us on Instagram or email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help!


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WHO IS Jessica Siefert

Jessica Siefert is the owner and succulent expert behind Succulent Bar. Based in Texas, she has a passion for plants and a talent for creating unique experiences for her community. With years of event planning and interior design studies, Jessica’s skills and knowledge are highly sought after in the succulent community. Her love for plants and dedication to her craft has earned her a reputation as a trusted authority on succulents.

Whether creating beautiful succulent arrangements for events or teaching others about the care and maintenance of these plants through her in-person and virtual planting experiences, Jessica’s expertise shines through in everything she does. She has a deep-rooted love for her craft and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with others. With Succulent Bar, Jessica has created a business that is both successful and fulfilling, and she looks forward to continuing to serve her community with her passion and expertise.